Thermic Wooden Shutters

Southern Plantation Shutters has introduced their latest product “THERMIC WOOD”. A plantation shutter constructed entirely of heat treated hardwood using traditional mortice & tenon joiner. The heat treating process cooks all of the natural sugars out of the wood making it inedible to insects, fungi and impervious to water. The wood becomes a chocolate brown so that when coated with a sealer, it becomes a rich walnut color. This will make a great addition to outdoor kitchens, patios and cabanas.


More and more homeowners are spending most of their days outside, whether it is entertaining friends and family or simply enjoying the nice weather by themselves. As a result, the new trend in landscape design is to create a relaxing outdoor living area by dividing the backyard into different rooms. The most popular addition to a backyard is an outdoor kitchen. Our Thermic Wooden Shutters helps with ventilation, privacy and decor. Homeowners are creating elaborate extensions of their indoor kitchen design ideas by building an outdoor kitchen off of their deck or patio, allowing them to entertain guests outside. A simple barbeque grill is no longer sufficient as outdoor kitchens are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of sinks, grills, outdoor fireplaces, cabinetry and countertops for cooking.

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